How to Avoid Low Water Pressure in Your Shower


Shower Repair in Cheltenham

Low water pressure can cause many problems with your shower. If you suffer from the low water pressure in your shower, here are some helpful tips for avoiding it in the future. Contact Reliable Plumbing today for shower repair in Cheltenham. 

Check Your Faucet

Like refilling your coffee cup, you should pay attention to how much water you put into your showerhead. Is there room to add a little more? Is your current head too low? One easy solution is to add a spout extension to your current shower head, whatever the problem may be. If you are unsure what a spout extension is, it’s simply an additional spout that will bring you more water. This is especially helpful for people who do not know how much water they have been using. 

Check Your Valve

Now that you have a nice strong flow from your showerhead, it is time to hit the water. But how do you get the water on? One important thing to pay attention to is your shut-off valve. If you’re having trouble getting a complex lather, we can help out with the shut-off valve problem. Many people are under the assumption that they don’t need to worry about their shut-off valve.

Install a Pressure Booster

While your showerhead is causing the low water pressure, your home’s plumbing could also be causing it. If your home’s pipes are clogged or broken, the water pressure could be below. Our shower repair in Cheltenham professionals can help you unclog your pipes and get a cleaner flow.

Check Your Hose

If your water pressure is low due to clogged pipes, you should also check the condition of your hose. Hoses are typically made of rubber and can quickly get damaged and broken. So it would be best if you tried to take good care of it. What are the signs that your hose is damaged? One easy way to check is to see if your water pressure is low. It could be because there is a leak in your hose.

Install a Water Pressure Regulator

The first thing you will want to install is a water pressure regulator. A water pressure regulator is a small device that can be installed between the water source and the showerhead. Its purpose is to lower the pressure of the water coming out of the showerhead, so it is more comfortable and less likely to cause damage to your plumbing. You can find water pressure regulators in various styles and sizes. You will probably want to find an adjustable one so you have control over how much pressure comes out of the showerhead.

Install a Shower Diverter Valve

A shower diverter valve is another way to fix low water pressure in your shower. A shower diverter valve is installed between your main water supply and your shower head. It allows you to divert some water from your main water supply to your showerhead. You can install a shower diverter valve in several ways. The most common way is to establish a valve at your main water supply line and connect the stem of the shower diverter valve to the showerhead. You can also install a shower diverter valve at your water meter and divert some water from your meter supply to your shower head.

Contact Reliable Plumbing

The best way to get a good shower is to pay attention to the amount of water hitting you. If you are not getting the amount of water you are expecting, it could be causing a low water pressure issue. Low water pressure can be frustrating, but it does not have to be permanent. Contact us for shower repair in Cheltenham

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