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No one likes to discover the tell-tale signs of a leaky pipe or other plumbing fixture leak. The discovery is usually followed by a sense of dread because you may have no idea what is causing the leak and subsequent water damage or what fixing it will involve. Luckily, you have a leaky pipe repair company in Lahaska through Reliable Plumbing on your side to help you get to the bottom of things and get repairs underway, quickly and efficiently.

We Repair Leaky Pipes Including Ceiling Leaks

Our trained and certified technicians are ready to handle your plumbing issues that have caused leaks and water damage in your home or business. We understand that there could be several different reasons you’re experiencing a plumbing related leak, and we are sure to address every possibility to ensure your problem is fixed for the long haul. 

  • Leaky faucets
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks

Majority of the leaks we have fixed are mainly due to:

  • Leaky Faucets
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks

What Causes Leaky Faucets?

The first sign of leaky faucets starts by that drip sound in your sink that you are tired of hearing. Did you know that even those tiny drips can equate to over three gallons of water. Now imagine that going down your drain consistently and the costs of your water bill spiking by a couple hundred dollars per year. When one of our Reliable Plumbing & Drain Cleaning experts take a look at your faucet, they are able to tell if your leaky faucet is caused by water pressure, worn-out seals, broken parts of your pipes that are unseen surface-level, cartridge in need of replacement or if you need a new O-ring. It can be easy to try and do a DIY faucet leak fix, but there are many other reasons, such as what is listed above, that cause for a good reason to get your faucets fixed by a professional. Many times, your plumbing problem may not be the only residential plumbing in need of repair, which is why we provide a range of solutions for leaky faucets and related leaky issues.

What Causes Burst Pipes

Burst Pipes, caused by several reasons, are more common than you may think and there is little to nothing you can do to prevent them from actually occurring. We are here, though, to help you understand what could have caused your pipes to burst. Besides old age being a given reason for your pipes to age, it is still important to be aware of how old your pipes are. After 20+ years of having pipes installed, contact a local plumber near Lahaska to inspect your pipes, so that you can avoid the possibilities of ceiling leakage or any other common leaks that happen in residential homes.  

Frozen Pipes is one of the most common causes for burst pipes. A frozen pipe can occur when there is a weak spot in the pipe and if there is, pressure can also burst on the sides of the pipe wall, but it is equally important to contact your plumbing heating and drain cleaning service near Lahaska. 

  • Hard Water can cause build up through the deposits of minerals in your water pipes. The build up can cause clogs, cracks, and ultimately lead to burst pipes. In this type of situation, the water has to flow faster to push past the clog, but if the clog is built up over time, the pressure can be too high, causing cracks and in the worst case scenario, burst. 
  • Water Pressure has to be managed otherwise your pipes may start leaking or burst. For help with your water pressure in your home or commercial building, call or fill out a Reliable Plumbing and Drain Cleaning service contact form  and we would be happy to help you figure out what exactly is causing the pressure. 
  • Moving Pipes are another major cause of burst pipes. When your pipes move around, it is a result of them not being secure, causing them to move inside the walls when water is in use or turned off. Pay attention early on to your pipes creating motion inside your walls because it means sooner or later, any intersections in the pipes will fail, causing water pressure to push through the pipes. In such a situation, the burst pipes are going to need serious repair and replacement. In a situation like this, we are here to help you.

Contact us if the situation described fits what you are need for, but in the meantime, it is advisable not to let the pipes in the walls linger if you hear them clanging inside your walls or floors. 

What Causes Ceiling Leaks 

Cracks and yellow stains on your ceilings are never a good thing to look out, especially when you have guests over. Sometimes, you start to see a few drops of water which, if not attended to right away, may cause your ceiling to cave out to your room, living room, or the room the dripping ceiling is located. These disasters can be highly expensive because one problem has been led to another. Among other reasons, the three main reasons we have seen to cause ceiling leaks are plumbing leaks, roof leaks, and faulty appliances. 

  • Plumbing leaks typically occur in the bathrooms, where dripping water can pass through the ceiling. A plumbing leak may even occur if you have a kitchen directly above your ceiling. This can be because the pipes are rusty or sweaty, depending on the season. 
  • Roof Leaks can be a result of your shingles being damaged or roofing tiles triggering your roof to leak.
  • When it comes to faulty appliances, think of your fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, and mainly any appliance that is connected to water pipes. We help you stop water from accumulating beneath your appliances due to leaky pipes. 

Reliable Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, serving customers in the Lahaska area, will help with not only figuring out what is causing your ceiling leaks, but also fix the issues for good and offer great tips on how to avoid ceiling leaks. Even if you aren’t sure where a leak is coming from, you can depend on us to get to the source and repair anything that is causing it. We’re here to make certain you get the most effective solutions to all of your plumbing concerns, and leaks are certainly no exception. Not only do we work on repairs for leaking pipes, but we also deal with faulty valves which could be an alternate underlying catalyst for the leak you’re experiencing.

Your Neighborhood Plumber serving Lahaska, Bucks, Montgomery County & Philadelphia, and surrounding areas. When you find a leak, call our leaky pipes  repair company right away. Our staff will get someone out to your location as soon as possible to get to the root of your problem and get you well on your way to repairs and normalcy. You don’t have to let a leaky pipe ruin your day or cause long-term stress; we are here to take the burden off of you. 

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