Most Common Air Conditioner Problems


Air Conditioner Repair in Pennsylvania

Some people think that air conditioning is a luxury and only buy it if they need it. However, air conditioning can help your body cool down and fight off symptoms of heat-related illnesses in hot weather. You know that you need to cool down when you start feeling warm, dizzy, or thirsty, but sometimes your AC breaks or isn’t working as well as it should be. Air conditioner repair in Pennsylvania can fix these problems.

Broken Burners

It is one of the most common problems with air conditioner repair in PA. If you hear a hum like a short buzz, the problem might be in your burners. Broken burners can cause performance issues such as a loud humming noise or no cooling.

Doesn’t Cool Enough

If you’re using your air conditioning and it’s not cooling down the room you need it for, the problem might be with your thermostat. Ensure all your settings are correct, and if not, call an air conditioner repair professional.


Leaking air conditioners can be a severe problem, especially if they start spraying water or possibly even a gasoline-like substance all over the floor. It is a very common issue usually caused by either a cracked or broken condenser fan. Having an AC repair professional inspect this system will ensure it’s taken care of properly.

No Humming Sound at All

If your air conditioner doesn’t hum at all now, this could be because it doesn’t have any compressors inside it. It might also be because the fan isn’t spinning, or the gas isn’t getting to the burners. An AC repair can help you fix these issues.

Costly Electrical Problems

If you’re getting electric shocks or your air conditioner repair in PA is causing other electrical problems with your home, that could be a sign of loose connections in the wiring. It might not just be your unit; sometimes, this problem can affect other units in your house. Call an air conditioner repair pro to inspect your wiring for any signs of damage.

Expensive Filter

If you have to change your filter regularly, your problem could be that the wrong kind of filter is being used or is too old. The best type of filter for your air conditioner is made of synthetic material, which will not retain moisture or dust that can clog up other parts of the system.

Unpleasant Odor

Start to notice a burnt, musky odor coming from your AC. It could indicate that something isn’t working correctly inside the unit, and there’s a strong possibility it’s caused by mold or mildew buildup and salt deposits from hard water conditions in the air conditioning system. Air conditioner repair in Pennsylvania will detect and repair these problems to eliminate the smell.

Refrigerant Leaks

It can be a significant problem if left unrepaired, which could cause even worse health risks than broken burners on an air conditioner repair in PA. It’s essential to call someone who knows how to fix air conditioning problems because these leaks could lead to an explosion or fire.

Repeated Failures

It is often a sign that your air conditioner isn’t correctly installed. If your unit is constantly failing, your unit has a problem inside. The most common problem that leads to this happening is a leak. Make sure everything is done correctly in the installation of your AC units.

Contact Reliable Plumbing

If you’re having problems with your air conditioner, contact Reliable Plumbing for air conditioner repair in Pennsylvania. We will diagnose and fix your problem to keep you cool and comfortable in the hottest weather. Call us today at (215) 709-8869 and get your air conditioner up and running.

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