What Should and Shouldn’t Go Down Your Sink?


Drain Repair in Philadelphia

Your sink is one of the most used appliances in your house. It’s also an area where you might have to repair a clog or replace a part. There are several things that you should never put down drains, even if they’re clean as can be. They could cause problems when they get down to the sewer system and contaminate your household water supply, requiring drain repair in Philadelphia. 

1. Bones

Yes, you read that right. Your garbage disposal can’t handle bones, even if they’re fish bones or chicken bones. Even clean bones can cause problems for your drain, so it’s best to avoid them. Food waste goes down the disposal just fine, but anything that could break up and clog the pipe needs to be disposed of another way.

2. Fibrous food

Fibrous food is anything that has vegetable or fruit skins, such as lettuce and cabbage. Your garbage disposal needs to work properly, so you should discard any fibrous items outside the disposal’s disposal hole in the sink before disposing of them down the drain. It can be challenging to know if something is fibrous, so if you’re confused about what to throw away, consult with an expert plumber drain repair in Philadelphia before trying it out on your own.

3. Eggshells

Eggshells are a big no-no as they can cause clogs and damage to your pipes when they head down into your house plumbing system. Eggshells are just like bones, so if you’re using your garbage disposal to dispose of your eggshells and have problems with a clog, consult with an experienced plumber.

4. Flour and other products with bans

Products such as flour, pasta, rice, and cereal shouldn’t be disposed of at garbage disposal, no matter how clean they are. These items can get caught in the pipes because they aren’t intended to go down the drain. Even if they go down the drain safely, when they head through the sewer system to waste treatment plants or water treatment plants, their starch could cause problems for people at those facilities.

5. Product labels

The product label is one of the most overlooked items when trying to figure out what to throw away. Product labels can get stuck in pipes or break apart and cause clogs in your home plumbing system. Even if you think it’s safe, always consult with a plumber before putting a product down your garbage disposal or in your trash that has a label on it.

6. Potato peels

Like other starchy products, potato peels aren’t intended to go down the drain. They deposit too much starch and fiber into wastewater treatment plants and water treatment plants, which means they have to use their electricity and other resources to remove them. Potato peels and other starchy items should be cleaned up outside your kitchen sink and disposed of in the trash instead.

7. Pumpkin

Most people associate pumpkins with Halloween, but some enjoy eating pumpkins year-round. Pumpkins are also a good source of vitamins, so if you plan on eating a pumpkin, make sure to clean it out first. However, putting pumpkins in the garbage or compost heap is a great way to ensure the pumpkin goes through your garbage disposal without any problems.

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