What Could Be Clogging My Pipes?


Pipe Repair in Philadelphia

Pipe clogging is one of homeowners’ most common plumbing problems. Clogging may start as a minor problem and later advance to a severe problem requiring professional help. It could cause corrosion, slow water drainage, and flooding. Nonetheless, pipe repair in Philadelphia is now a readily available service and you can access it at your convenience. Find out what could be clogging your pipes and how Reliable Plumbing can help. 

Fruit peels

Fruit peels are pieces that could pile up and clog the drainage. We should check what we dispose of in the drainage to avoid clogging. Putting dishes with fruit peels on the sink should be avoided, and ensure that they are disposed of in the dustbin first.

Hair and Similar Materials 

Hair and other stringy materials like dental floss are the most contributors to pipe clogging in laundry, bathtub, shower, and bathroom drains. Hair can easily knot up and hold other substances like grease and soap. These substances will help in attachment to the pipes.

To prevent hair from getting into the drainage, use a hair strainer guard from a good company that provides drainage services and pipe repair in Philadelphia.


Letting starches down the drainage causes a massive blockage. These starches include potatoes, onion skins, celery, asparagus, corn, artichokes, and corn husks. Food remains should also be disposed of in the trash from plates before putting them in the sink. Overcooked starches such as rice, pasta, or potatoes can clog pipes when they turn into a pasty substance.


Soap remains can quickly go down the drainage, accumulating with time to cause blockage. Soap scum can also accumulate with time around a drainage pipe, reducing its diameter and slowing drainage.

Oil, Grease, and Fats

Grease coats the pipes creating sludge, making them smaller and smaller for drainage waste to pass. A better way to dispose of grease is to pour it into a container that you can throw away. When oil and fats are let down the drain, they solidify and build up like cholesterol in our arteries, causing the blockage. Grease and oil should also not be disposed of in the toilet.


Children can easily flush their toys down the toilet or any other open drainage while playing. Unprotected sinks can also let through small objects in the sink or shower drain. Homeowners with children should protect drainage openings with a guard.

Feminine Products

Feminine products should not be flushed down the toilet. They enlarge and do not dissolve or break down upon absorbing water, causing a blockage. To avoid this, you can have a trash bin in your toilet.

Cat Litter

Cat litter comprises silica, clay, and sand that absorbs moisture to create drainage pipe clumps. Do not flush it down the toilet or any other drain. Instead, throw it in the trash bin.

Cosmetic Towelettes and Wipes

Anything apart from toilet paper is not breakable. Toilet paper can easily break apart in water due to its consistency. Other forms like wipes and towelettes do not fall apart. When faced with this problem, you should call a plumber.


Dirt includes mud and weeds that you can carry from the farm, especially during the rainy season. Shake off the dirt on the grass outside before getting in the shower. Mud can hold weeds and pebbles without you noticing it, which can cause a lot of damage to your drainage when they pass through. Stones can also scratch the interiors of the pipe and cause breakages. This may force you to look for pipe repair in Philadelphia.

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These are some of the everyday items found to clog pipes in homes, among many others. Contact Reliable Plumbing today to book our services or get a free estimate.

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