What you need to know about leaky pipe repairs


Leaky pipes can cause severe damages to your house if left without repair. There are different leaks and ways to plumb a leak. The levels of damages caused by the leak are also different. Leaky pipes have the potential of flooding your house, while some cause minimal damages and others do no damages at all. In case you have leaky pipes in your home, contact the best plumber in the area.

The reason behind that is we have a team of professional and experienced plumbers who are conversant with their work. It is essential to understand some of the damage leaky pipes cause and when to contact a plumber to repair them. Our plumber will fix it depending on the type of leak. Here is how to repair leaking pipes and joints:

Waterproof Tape

It is a potential solution to repair leaky joints and pipes using waterproof tape. A compound stick is placed in the leaking area while the tape is wrapped around the leaking hole. The tape comes in different forms like epoxy paste, self-tapping plug, and many more.

Keep in mind when we use the waterproof tape, we ensure the pipe is completely dry. We apply the tape two to three inches away from the leaking spot and also extend it in the same length to ensure the leaking area is completely sealed. If the leaking place is small, we use a compound stick to rub over the hole to stop the leaking.

When using a compound stick to seal the leaking pipe, we do not have to turn off the water supply if the leak is minimal. When using the self-tapping plug, we ensure the water supply is turned off as the pipe needs to be completely dry. Turning off the water supply will also prevent the occurrence of other accidents.

Patch Kits

In most cases, when a pipe leaks at the plumbing joint, the primary solution is tightening the joint. But when the problem is in the pipe, our plumber removes it and replaces it with a new one. At times, the solution is not always easy. For instance, when the pipes are copper-made, you have to sweat the solder to repair the leaking section and replace it. If the pipes are galvanized steel, it is hard to turn and swap them. When you detach one end, the other one tightens, giving you a hectic task to repair the leak. In that case, what is the next step to take?

Contact the best plumber in the area to address the leaking pipe with a pipe patch. The solution is easy to use, and one can also buy the patch kit in any hardware store. If that is against your budget, you can create your own with C-clamp and heavy rubber from old inner tubes.

You can also use an old hose clamp with a rubber patch to repair the leaky pipe. The patch kits are the easiest and fast solution we use to fix leaky pipes. They are also a permanent solution to keep your pipe in good condition.

The above solutions are applicable if the leaking pipes are in good condition or their first time to leak. If the pipes are degrading or have had many leaks, the best solution is to contact the best plumber in the area to have them replaced. Remember, water drip is not an indication of a leaking pipe, but it can result from pipes sweating.

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If you are unsure whether your pipe is leaking or not, we are here to help you determine the problem with your pipes. We also help you in finding the best solution for your leaking pipes and joints. Call us today!

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